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Thesis Coaching and Consulting

We provide a personalized approach in mentoring how to write your thesis given the various data available and resources at your disposal. Completing your thesis or dissertation is the final test before you receive your diploma, that's why we take extra care in pointing out the crucial steps to hurdle the paper successfully. Plus we give pointers on how to prioritize the factors that give the highest contribution towards a cohesive and comprehensive paper.

We also offer coaching on how to defend your thesis based on the approved thesis paper or dissertation. We prepare a mock thesis defense and mimic the actual scenario as if you are in front of the defense panel. By formulating critical questions about your paper that can make or break your defense, we make you understand how to articulate in a way that highlights your strengths and shield your vulnerable spots that may invite the attention of the thesis panel.

In the end, our aim is to help you write or defend your paper as coherently as possible, and defend it before the panel with certainty and confidence.

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